Meditation for Atheists

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The 3-step system to help you regain your health, happiness and peace of mind.

  • Downloadable audio program
  • Slick on-site audio player
  • Instant access
  • Listen online or download to your computer, smartphone, or other device
  • 9 Audio Lessons, 6 Guided Meditations, 3 Hours
  • Listen any time, anywhere, as often as you like.


What People Are Saying:

I never thought I’d find myself meditating (much less enjoying it this much), but the intelligent way this course was put together removed all the obstacles for me. And I couldn’t be happier. The approach taken in this course opens the way to classic, deep, true meditation, but stripped of religion, and guided by science. I know of nothing else like it. This can truly change your life.

~ Sebastian Michaels (North Carolina)

I had briefly attempted a couple meditation techniques years ago when a therapist had recommended them to me, though I never really saw the point. But with your guidance, I’m understanding for the first time why and how it can be be a healthy habit.

~ Rebecca R. (New Jersey)

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